Subcomandante Marcos is the key military strategist for the Zapatistas guerilla movement in Mexico. Marcos is famous for leading his troops on tactical strikes clad in ski mask, and because of this no one is actually sure of his true identity. In an interview (wearing a mask of course) he told a reporter that when he was killed another man would simply take his mask and become the next Subcomandante Marcos.

One of his more famous excursions was a multiple-target strike on New Year's day of 1994. Marcos and his group attacked several Mexican army installations in San Cristóbal, and this skyrocketed him to the position of a post-modern revolutionary hero.

From a poster popular in Mexico, especially after it was fixed to the base of the famous angel statue in Mexico City. It carries a photo of Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente, a.k.a. SubComandante Marcos (the first one, anyway. Who knows if someone else has assumed the identity?):


Age: 38 years.
Nationality: Mexican.
Profession: Guerrilla and poet.
Education: Masters in Philosophy.
Background: Honors student, Profesor at the UAM and other universities.
Particular Features: wears a ski-mask, speaks various languages, smokes a pipe.

He is accused of speaking the truth, defending the indigenous, rebelling against the usurper Salinas and against the PRI, showing Zedillo to be a puppet of the IMF, opposing the selling-out of the country, unmasking corrupt politicians and beginning the war to rescue the dignity of the Mexican people.

A quote from "Our Word is Our Weapon" a collection of the writings of the Subcomandante recently published by Seven Stories Press.

We have the arm of the word.
We also have the weapon of our culture,
of our being what we are.
We have the weapon of music,
the weapon of dance.
We have the weapon of the mountain,
that old compañera who fights along with us,
with her roads, hiding places and hillsides,
with her trees, with her rains, with her suns,
with her dawns, with her moons...

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