From a poster popular in Mexico, especially after it was fixed to the base of the famous angel statue in Mexico City. It carries a photo of Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente, a.k.a. SubComandante Marcos (the first one, anyway. Who knows if someone else has assumed the identity?):


Age: 38 years.
Nationality: Mexican.
Profession: Guerrilla and poet.
Education: Masters in Philosophy.
Background: Honors student, Profesor at the UAM and other universities.
Particular Features: wears a ski-mask, speaks various languages, smokes a pipe.

He is accused of speaking the truth, defending the indigenous, rebelling against the usurper Salinas and against the PRI, showing Zedillo to be a puppet of the IMF, opposing the selling-out of the country, unmasking corrupt politicians and beginning the war to rescue the dignity of the Mexican people.