I don't know if this happens to everyone else here. Believe it or not, in real life I am a very generous and kind person with my friends. Call it tooting my own horn, but I will let you be the judge. I let a friend (male) sleep on my couch for a year and a half without paying rent or even buying food. He wasn't even that good of a friend. He worked all of 2 weeks total in that span of time. He never looked for a job. He mooched like a madman. He made messes and got huffy when asked to do housework to earn his keep. Finally, after many many warnings, we gave him sufficient notice and then kicked him out. He then moved in somewhere else, got a job making 12 bucks an hour (almost double what I make), and got his own apartment. The other day, while at the coffee shop I frequent, I ran into him. I didn't have any cash on me so I asked him to buy me a cup of coffee.

He got huffy...

"OHH, wellllllll, I GUESS."
*jerkily fidgets with pockets making it look like I am bleeding him dry*

Can you believe that? That mother fucker. He owes me over $2000 dollars and he gets pissy over one dollar and five cents.

My old sort-of-best-friend, which I don't see much anymore, is the reason I am such a sucker. We had the oddest relationship. For as much as he was a rough-necked thug, he could come and say to me:

"I need 500 dollars"

and we would walk to the bank, and I would withdraw $500 and hand it to him and not even ask him when I would get it back, what he was going to use it for or anything.

some two weeks later he would just hand me 500 bucks. By then I had generally forgotten all about it. I don't think he or I once said "You owe me...", "I owe you..." or any combination of those words. We had honor, and I think we were very proud of it.

We were the same kids that stole people's cars, sold drugs and got in fights in dark parking lots with total strangers. The man had the pin number to my ATM card and he made his living fencing car stereos.

He would never screw a friend over. He had some sort of strange Samurai honor thing going for him that just made you always feel safe in trusting him with money, secrets or anything. I am not by any means saying that he was a great individual. He did a lot of ratty things, but you know; as much as the "intellectual" side of me hates to admit it; I would rather have him as a friend than someone "honest", who has taken advantage of your hospitality and then be a tight-wad prick once he gets a buck in his pocket.

Food for thought.

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