My proposed name for the commercial version of Everything2. The "My" keyword is there to "empower the consumer", in much the same way as "My Computer", "My Documents", "My Sidebar" (I kid you not, Mozilla(!) has this) and "My Virus".

In other words, I'm thinking of "Everything Everything2 is... and less!".

Our research indicates that E2 search is too confusing for users. Especially when it brings you to the Findings: page. So My E2 Search will always bring you to a node. E2WDC cannot at this time accept responsibility for My E2 Search bringing you to the right node, just to a node.

My Chatterbox can no longer get mixed up with My E2 Search, and it also saves you having to think of something to say. My Chatterbox only has a talk button, which says "1 r001z!!!!1!" (our research indicates that except for a minor group of elitist "power users", this is what all users wish to say). You no longer have to click on that little box to get rid of /mymsgs; we delete them for you, at once (our research indicates we can save on disk space).

My Nodes will consist entirely of precompiled material, which our crack team of My Assault Monkeys have compiled for your viewing pleasure. Naturally, you lot can't come up with anything worth reading, so you cannot create a My Node.

Please feel free to add your suggestions below; we're always glad to rip off other people's My Ideas!

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