The Quest is Closed!

Results in Gold Points earned:

etouffee: GP:20
schizophasic: GP:30
Hommerabi: GP:10
Zed_Alpha: GP:50
The Custodian: GP:40
lediablerouge: GP:20
YellowOstrich: GP:20
Uberbanana: GP:10
Jet-Poop: GP:280
Tem42: GP:30
aeschylean: GP:10
wombat-socho: GP:30
moeyz: GP:90
Glowing Fish: GP:10

Greetings noders! Doesn't it just take forever to read those blasted 200+ page things called novels? Don't you just wish you could be one of those awful people who just skip to the end? And writing them is even harder! Don't you just wish you could write the ending and be done with it?

Well now you can! Introducing BookReader's patented LAST CHAPTER OF A NOVEL... QUEST! That's right, I'm challenging all you noders to come up with the last page, chapter, or scene of the novel you've always wanted to write. Start at the section where everything goes to hell and the character's lives are forever ruined, write the part where the bad guy falls off the cliff! Or have everybody find their place in life, have to protagonist get married to his childhood best friend! The only requirement is that it is The End.

Quest Rules.

  • The quest starts now until July 10th server time, and will be kicked off by yours truly! You have until that time to create the best ending anybody has ever read!
  • Remember, this is for Novels, only prose will be accepted.
  • Be sure to message me with your writeup title and be sure to link to this Quest node at the bottom of your writeup.

Win Fabulous Prizes!

(Quest founder and quest employees are non-eligible for prizes, offer void on the Moon)
  • Highest Rep: 120 GP bonus
  • Most C!s: 25 GP for every ching!
  • BookReader's favorite: A mystery prize in the mail (yet to be determined, no refunds, take backs, or returns to sender)!
  • All contestants: 10 GP for every writeup and an additional 10 GP for every ching.

You won't be able to wait to begin "The End".

Quest Enterees

BookReader: The Wife and the Machine
etouffee: Collector of Words
moeyz: The Day Before
schizophasic: sacrificial lamb
moeyz: Either a Ravine or a Precipice
moeyz: Throwing A Rock into the Water
moeyz: Children of the Street
Hommerabi: Detours
Zed_Alpha: level up
The Custodian: Network Reincarnate
lediablerouge: The Dramatic Conclusion and Resolution of Austin Q. Simpson's "Good Ol' City Boys"
YellowOstrich: She Called in Her Soul to Come and See
Uberbanana: The Bleeding Edge
Jet-Poop: It's a Wrap! Winner, both of highest rep and of most C!s.
moeyz: In the Seaweed
moeyz: Honesty House
Tem42: Revelation 23 Winner of BookReader's favorite contribution
aeschylean: A woman of her times
wombat-socho: Chapter 14: Midnight In The Ballroom
moeyz: slumgullion stew and street cats
Glowing Fish: While Jenifer looks on in a mask

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