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Born an Air Force brat to career Air Force parents, except that this was back when pregnant women weren't allowed to have careers in the military, so Mom got out when I was born. Started reading science fiction in elementary school, attending science fiction conventions in high school, and after traveling from Monterey to the Wall, sojourned in the Great American Desert while being married and raising two fanbrats. Marriage crashed and burned after sixteen years, so I became a single parent until the kids graduated/dropped out from high school. Spent four more years working on a teaching certification and an anime convention before moving back to the Washington area, where I have learned the theoretical underpinnings of banging spreadsheets together until the money falls out and so far have not died of diabetes. Currently wounded and on disability, but not a disabled veteran in the usual sense of the phrase. Moved from the Washington area to Las Vegas in the summer of 2015, and from Vegas to Tonopah in the fall of 2020. No longer driving for Uber, still doing taxes but this time for the Reno district. Still not dead, still not Level 15; still not King.