"Well, that all wrapped up pretty nicely, wouldn't you say?" asked Squid Kid. "And much more quickly than usual, too!"

"Shut up, Squiddie," said the Chrome Cobra. "That took forever, and you know it."

"Definitely the most harrowing battle I've had to deal with," said the Star. "Are we done? I mean, completely done? I'd like to go home and sleep."

"Yeah, I'm good with sleep," said Atlas.

"Same here," said Gearbox. "I don't even sleep, but I think I'd like to power down for a few hours."

"I can't say I'm tired," said Daphne Diller. "But I would not say no to going home and getting in some relaxation time."

"Oh, come on," said Squid Kid. "We just got done with our biggest battle, vanquished evil on a scale more awesome than ever attempted before, saved the city and possibly the whole planet, won the world's adulation and respect, rescued kittens from trees..."

"Out with it, Lenore," said Hypothermia. "I've had enough monologuing for the night."

"I just want us to hang out for a while," Lenore said. "You know, celebrate our victory and all that."

"I don't know, Lenore," said Gamma Girl. "It's beyond late, and I bet my family's worried about me. But what did you have in mind?"

Lenore fished out a glossy, folded-up advertisement out of her jacket, held it up, and unfolded it with a flourish.

"Shawarma!" she announced happily.

Metro City was suddenly quieter than it had been in days.

"No," said the Cobra.

"No way," said Atlas.

"Definitely not," said el Phantasmo.

"Nope," said Iota.

"Is this about that movie?" said Hybrid. "That stupid movie made no sense at all."

"Oh, come on!" cried Squid Kid. "You guys, what is wrong with you?!"

"I really don't like shawarmas," said Express. "And I gotta go check my messages anyway."

"I'll pass, dear," said Defender. "That's a bit more meat than I'm in the mood for right now."

"Oh yeah?" said the Wheelman. "How much meat do you prefer?"

"Shut up, Greg!"

"I don't trust any food that sounds like it just sneezed," said Daphne.

"I don't mind shawarmas," said Phantasmo. "But it's way too late for that. I mean, it's basically time for breakfast."

"I'd normally be up for a party," said Wheelman. "But shawarmas are so last year."

"Dieting," said Miss Mega. "Sorry, Squiddie."

"Same here, actually," said Iota.

"Couldn't eat if I wanted to," said Hypothermia.

"Couldn't eat if I -- oh, he already said that," added Gearbox.

"I kinda think I should go to the hospital," said Penitente. "I'm pretty sure my hand is broken."

"What?" said Atlas. "When did your hand get broken?"

"Dammit, you oversized bulletproof idiotas have no idea what it's like when you monstruos start throwing cars around!"

"Fine, fine, I'm sorry, man! I'll fly you to the hospital, alright?"

"Come on, guys, what about shawarmas!" pleaded Squid Kid. "Shawarmas! It'll be awesome!"

"Hospital!" said Penitente.

"Maybe another time, Squiddie," said Atlas as they took off.

"I'm out, too," said Gamma Girl as she flew away. "I really need to go see the family."

"Yeah, I think it's more important for me to get rested up after all that chaos," said the Star.

"Right, but gimme a call tomorrow, Lenore," said Hybrid. "No, wait, not tomorrow. The next day. No, wait, make it next week!"

"I need to get going, too," said Defender. "Ta ta, darlings!"

"I think I'm gonna head for the house and take a shower," said Miss Mega.

"Hey, if you need any help with that..."

"Shut up, Greg!"

"I want to catch an hour or two of sleep before class," said Phantasmo.

In less than a minute, Squid Kid was the only one of the heroes left on the street. She looked at the restaurant advertisement she was holding.

"Aw, hell, all these coupons were expired anyway!"

And the sun rose on another day in Metro City.

The End

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