Doesn't exactly look like the pancakes everyone here is familiar with. These things are served more for snacks and lunch than breakfast, and you don't add syrup. They're kind of crunchy, and have a strong frangrance thanks to the onions. They also taste very, very good. I buy them for around US$0.10 in the streets of Shanghai, because I can't be bothered making them. But here is a recipe anyways.


  1. Make the dough with the flour, vegetable oil and water. Roll the dough into a roll, and divide into six portions.
  2. For each one, roll it into a ball, flatten, and spread onions on top. Keep rolling it until the onions are spread evenly inside the dough.
  3. Fry them in cooking oil on both sides until light brown.
  4. Serve hot whole or cut. Since they are so hot, I drink coke with it.
I wonder if I can get these at IHOP.
Another type of pancake sold has:


egg, broken on top and cooked

small shrimp for flavor

hotpepper sauce or sweet sauce

also, a lot of people take this kind of pancake and roll a you tiao ("chinese cruller", or whatever) in it. add a bag of soy milk, and it becomes a Breakfast of Champions

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