It is something like seventeen years since I first discovered Everything, and sixteen since I became a noder. That makes it about time to finally do a decaversary interview. Sesquidecaversary interview. Dotted sesquidecaversary interview? Please feel free to picture Jet-Poop in a comfy chair, wearing a Michael Parkinson jacket and laughing awkwardly at my answers. Please feel even freer to picture me as a marginally younger Germaine Greer, cranky at the universe, extremely argumentative, and with an Australian accent recognisable as belonging to a much older and politer lady.

1. What is your name?

My names in meatspace are Victory, Free and Love. Approximately. My noder name is from Mnemosine, the mother of the Muses, and refers to memory.

2. Tell us something about you, your background, and what you've been up to lately?

I started out on e2 as a teenage geek and over the years I've been working on my life goal to try all the jobs. Somehow while doing this I managed to acquire a husband, a mortgage, a child, three tiny dogs, some really cool scars, and almost enough bookshelves. Right now I'm a piano teacher, and I even have an enormous fluffy rainbow cardigan, which is the uniform of a good piano teacher. 

3. How did you discover Everything, and how did you become a noder?

My then boyfriend worked at an IT company back in the days when all you needed was a couple of geeks and a logo to have yourself an ISP and a startup. It was a pretty cool place: the office was inside a warehouse. There was a tire swing, and fencing foils, and coke can towers big enough to walk through. I used to come and hang out with the guys (and nag a few of them to shower occasionally, especially after they moved beds in). Somewhere in there we found e2 and moved in.

4. What are your favorite writeups -- both your own and from other noders?

My very favourite wu was Getting to Know You Noders Fucking Sucked by ToasterLeavings. It featured one of my alltime favourite sentences: "even your mother will probably bite your tree hand when you destroy all gravity."

Of my own writeups, I think my favourite is Waltzing Matilda. It's nothing special, but writing it made me realise just how bizarre those lyrics must sound to people outside Australia.

5. What are your favorite and least favorite memories from E2's history?

The first time I met a noder. Shenanigans in the nodegel. The joy of a daily session of Nate's Word Galaxy Generator. So many happy memories...

6. What keeps you coming back (or not coming back, as the case may be)?

(r) Cool Man Eddie says Hey, Rancid_Pickle just cooled undiagnosed pregnancy, baby!

7. What do you hope for E2's future?

I think as the nodegel expands it will have more of a focus on fiction and ideas. Mostly I hope that we can keep our standards high.

8. What does E2 mean to you?

This is a place that is mostly separate to my real life identity, so as the internet has moved towards the mainstream, and we all have social media accounts with all our real names attached, this is a place I can be relatively anonymous but more deeply myself. 

9. Who are your favorite noders? Which ones do you miss the most?

Those are some heavily overlapping lists. Unfortunately some of my favourites deleted their writeups. Others have gone to noder heaven and remain only as nostalgia and sudden moments of grief.

10. Who would play you in the Everything2 movie?

Ooh, Nicola Walker pretty please! She is so - so dry, and so good at cynical. I love her eyebrows. I'm a big fan of people with opinionated eyebrows.

11. Please fill in the blank: "E2 is to the Internet as ___ is to the world."

E2 is to the Internet as the Internet is to the world.

12. Any questions that I didn't ask that I should've?

Earl Grey with lemon, thanks.

Everything2 Decaversary Interviews

If you have questions or comments, please contact Nemosyn or Jet-Poop.

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