I have a crush on a girl in France.  Patrice.   That is her name.  She used to live here in Des Moines, in Iowa.  Things would be different if she still did, I'm sure of it.    I would talk to her a lot more, for sure.   I would probably take her out to eat a few times a week- we might even go to movie or a concert.   

But now, well, I don't care what they say-  distance makes a lot of things harder.  She sends me pictures- which is nice and I know she means well- but how many pictures of the Eiffel tower do you want to see?   How many videos do I want to watch of tourist spots that I will probably never get to see?  OK, Four maybe,  but not more than that. 

I have a crush on a girl in France, but it's complicated.  It would be a lot easier if Patrice were here.  Or if her sister didn't move in next door, which she did, a few days ago.    Monique is her name.   She tells me it's french.  

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