Title character of the intensely awful 1969 DC comic, which ran all of two issues. "HERE is the REAL-LIFE SCENE of the DANGERS in HIPPIE-LAND!" the cover proclaimed in lurid red letters. The story by Golden Age great Joe Simon (which I am relating second-hand - if anyone's actually read this dog, please feel free to correct any errors or omissions on my part) follows a floppy thrift store dummy come to life, who finds shelter in a swingin' hippie commune known as the Brotherly Love Sect. They dub him "Brother Power". When he is kidnapped by an evil circus, they dress as superheroes and stage a far-out happening to rescue him.

Neil Gaiman has brought Brother Power back for a couple of guest appearances in his comics, and he can also be seen in the deep background in the bar scene of Kingdom Come, getting his finger broken by Rorschach.

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