A group of heroes published by DC Comics and created by Jack Kirby. The Forever People first appeared in Forever People #1 in 1971.

Five human children were taken from Earth by the Highfather of New Genesis, leader of the New Gods and raised on the planet of New Genesis. There they were given access to special abilities and special equipment and learned the peace-loving ways of their new home.

The five members of the Forever People are:

  • Beautiful Dreamer: The only female in the group, Beautiful Dreamer possess the ability to read another person's mind and project it in an illusionary form. She and Big Bear are married and of late have had a daughter.
  • Big Bear: The largest and strongest of the Forever People, but a very gentle soul. Big Bear drives the Supercycle that the Forever People use for transport. It can fly and has the ability to travel instantaneously between places.
  • Mark Moonrider: The defacto leader of the group. Mark possesses the megaton touch, which as the name suggests causes anything that Mark touches to explode, if he wants.
  • Vykin the Black: Possessing the power of generating magnetic waves to either attract or repel things, Vykin also possesses one of the most racially blunt names in all of comicdom. Although there are other black heroes with black in their names (Black Lightning from the Outsiders and Black Vulcan from the Superfriends immediately spring to mind), Vykin holds the title of being actually indicated as being black.
  • Serifan: Dressed like a little kid in a cowboy suit, Serifan possesses cosmic cartridges, which when used have a variety of effects, from freezing your opponents to exploding.
Under the protection of one of New Genesis's intelligent computers called a Mother Box, these five grew up on the planet, until agents of Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips kidnapped Beautiful Dreamer and took her to Earth. The remaining four Forever People pursued and freed her. They decided to stay on Earth and try and stop the schemes of Darkseid. They were able to aid in the battle against Darkseid by all touching the Mother Box and saying Taaru. They then switched places with a mighty being called the Infinity Man who had great cosmic abilities.

The members of the Forever People aided the people of Earth, for a number of years until one of Darkseid's agents Devilance the Pursuer and the Infinity Man seemed to be destroyed in a battle, trapping the Forever People on the planet Adon. They lived there for a number of years, but of late have left that world and ventured back to Earth.

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