Big Bear is a brand of malt liquor, distributed by Pabst brewing company.

The label is red, black, and white. The black is limited to the outline of a great big black bear. No surprise there.

What makes Big Bear so special, is that the bear on the label is clearly enraged. This beer bear hasn't been invited to some kind of slick, supercasual uber-hipster Corona party; he's not going to be sitting by the pool smiling broadly his dimpled smile, cooling trim abs with the glistening bottle. No, he probably won't turn up until later that night, when you won't see him coming.

He isn't having a good time, and he doesn't appear interested in having a good time. This beer bear appears primed to fall upon the world and wrench it from time and space, to bust into that Corona party hellbent on some unspeakable, eviscerating revenge.

Available only in 40 oz. bottles, Big Bear malt liquor seems to want to sell itself to those who aren't intending to have a good time. As far as I can tell, that marketing approach doesn't hit on its intended demographic so demonstrably as it does on those of us with twistedly ironic senses of humor.

Like drinking beer from a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it, nothing makes one so happy and silly as to easily remember the ridiculousness of everything else.

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