The circumstances leading to Brandon Lee's death were the result of a series of missteps and events, all falling in line to bring his life to an end. Basically everything that could go wrong, with handling gun props and blanks, did go wrong.

He died on March 31st, 1993.

It happened during one of the last tapings of the The Crow. The scene was that of Eric Draven's death. It involved Brandon walking in with a bag of groceries and being shot by Eric's and his fiance's killers. The gun that killed Brandon was used earlier in a close up. In such cases, empty shells are used so the bullet tips can be clearly seen in the view. Apparently the gun was also fired and one of the bullets was pushed into the barrel of the gun and became stuck there. The armmaster was also away that day. It was later determined that the empty shells were actually real bullets but emptied of gunpowder. Brandon's scene required the firing of the gun so, so by standard practice blanks were used. It's worth mentioning that blanks carry about two to three times the charge as a regular cartridge, and can actually kill at point-blank range. As a safety measure a blank gun is usually aimed off target during firing. This did not happen. The gun was pointing at Brandon when it was shot, propelling the lodged bullet, and causing major damage to the actor. It took the crew several seconds to realize the tragedy. He died soon after at the hospital.

The events described here are generally accurate. It may be that a cartridge itself was stuck in the barrel instead of a real bullet.

The film containing the shooting was destroyed without being developed.

Brandon and his fiance were to be married soon after the filming was completed.

A sad loss. His career would have taken off after The Crow. The son of Bruce Lee was starting to make a name for himself.

His tv and film credits include:

Kung Fu: The Movie (1986)
Legacy of Rage (1986)
Laser Mission (1989)
Showdown in Little Tokyo (1990)
Rapid Fire (1992)
The Crow (1993)

A goth rock song by The 69 Eyes, from the album Blessed Be. All things considered, one of their best works.

To paraphrase certain poster parody: "If your wrists are undamaged after listening to this song, you aren't a True Teen Goth." =)

Let's take a good shining (not literally) example of goth style - The Crow - and the lead actor who met his end during the production in tragic circumstances. There is no way you can get a song much darker in content.

The music video for this is also interesting, yet it could be argued that all of the band's videos are somewhat bland compared to what they could be. It weaves together scenes sort of similar to the movie, and the "the band tooting" and "singer throws away his sunglasses in the middle of the night" clichés. And nitpickers think Eric and Shelley don't look like Eric and Shelley, but hey, what can you get with this budget? Oh, and when I made a VideoCD with this video for my sister, I used the first frame of the video as the menu thumbnail. (Pitch black. You know, can't get more goth than that.)

The lyrics used to be here. I removed them because of copyright reasons. If you think this was a Wrong Thing to Do, node them back, but ask the permission from the lyrics author.

A gay pornographic star of Chinese-Filipino descent. Born Jon Enriquez on March 18, 1979, Lee took his stage name from the deceased son of martial artist Bruce Lee. He was discovered by director Chi Chi LaRue in a bath-house at 18; Lee's first role was in Asian Persuasion, distributed by Catalina Video. He left pornography for a time, enlisting in the United States Navy and serving a tour of duty in Iraq. He returned to pornography in the Rascal Video Production "Wicked", directed by Larue. The film's tag line underscores the fact that Lee, who had never bottomed in any of his previous films, was taking the passive role: "A man on the top of his game finally gets it in the end."

On September 9, 2006 Lee was returning home from work in a theater production of Take Me Out, a baseball-themed stage play that discusses homosexuality and race in sports. He was followed by a vehicle out of the parking lot, and was forced off the road. Four assailants tore him out of his truck, beat him unconscious, and set his vehicle on fire. He was taken to the hospital, but did not suffer any broken bones and was released the next day. The persons responsible were never apprehended.

As an Asian man Brandon Lee is a rarity in gay pornography: he consistently plays an active role in his pairings, his films are less likely to be relegated to a discrete "fetish" corner of shops in which they appear, and he is able to work for sizable production houses. He is one of the only Asian men to have an erotic replica cast from his penis, and he is by far the most well-known Asian man working in Gay porn today.


  • Asian Persuasion
  • Lookin' For Trouble
  • Fortune Nookie
  • Harley's Crew
  • Throat Spankers
  • Dial S for Sex
  • Wicked
  • Bolt

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