A song by The B. Lee Band. It is about the stereotype that all Asians are smart and that you shouldn't make assumptions about people based on their looks.

You can get the MP3 off the Asian Man Records website.

Note: I'm not asian I just think this song is pretty cool.

Oh, you so handsome, and smart. I never seen white guy who speak Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese or Korean before. You have sense of style, wearing clothes with dragons and tigers all over, and jewelry made of jade! Your apartment is nice. I like the paper lanterns, shoji screens, Buddha statues, scroll paintings, and incense wafting everywhere. Just like home!

You strong, too. You obviously study martial arts. It is good, because you must fight father for my hand. Unlike me, he not so impressed that you know how to eat with chopsticks.

I want to bring you tea. Then I give you special massage. We can pretend you are army man G.I. Joe, and rescue me from rice paddies. Me love you long time!

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