Slang term for a very cheap wine along the lines of ripple with the official name of MD 20/20. I'm not sure what 20/20 means, but I assure you it has nothing to do with your vision after a few drinks. Typically has a vintage of several weeks ago and could probably be substituted for acetone in a pinch.

Also a verb, to mad dog someone is to stare intently at someone as a means to intimidate them. Often, the look conveys the message "don't you even think about fuckin' wit' me, yo" or it could just be the harbinger for the introduction of the target to a "world of hurt".

Its origins probably lie within the ghetto and gangspeak, wherein a culture of toughness is celebrated and worn like a badge, a passive and lesser form of assault and violence. As a customary practice, members of street gangs or residents of the hood keep large dogs and train them to sic on command, a veritable weapon of sorts. These dogs are often selected by their feral nature and are groomed as well as trained to appear as savage as possible. The canine equivalent of mad dogging occurs when the animal growls menacingly at its target, baring its teeth in preparation for a fight. The goal here is the same.

Not to be confused with a dirty look, which connotes an air of superiority of the subject, mad dogging someone says that you mean business. It doesn't mean you are better than the other person. Just tougher.

Being able to mad dog a potential combatant with minimal effort is an essential proficiency mastered by the seasoned bad ass.

A 60-ton BattleMech. It's a clanner OmniMech. Inner sphere designation Vulture.

Mad Dog has a very distinct shape - The cockpit part is roughly triangular with sides (same size as the middle cockpit part, slightly smaller) having places for missile launchers. It has short "hands", and Timber Wolf-like legs (like Timber Wolf, it's a chicken-walker).

Mad Dog is, due to its structure, used typically as a missile 'Mech - the alternate configuration that has only gauss rifles doesn't even look like Mad Dog anymore! Usual configurations use LRM-20s, SRM-6s and Streak SRM-6s, with lasers, autocannons and PPCs as auxiliary weapons.

The 'Mech is used by all clans, but none of the clans uses it more than Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Information from Technical Readout 3050

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