Monitoring Times is a magazine published by Bob Grove, that deals with amateur radio (this encompasses shortwave, scanning, ham radio and satellite radio).  It truly is a vitally important magazine for anyone who likes to play with an antenna, rip open a plastic case to play with the boards inside, or just twist a dial in an attempt to find a signal they have never heard before.

I have heard the magazine described as "the TV Guide for shortwave listeners", which it is, but usually it's much more.  I have learned about other areas of amateur radio that I was unaware of, and most importantly I have learned via editorials of stupid legislation being proposed that would limit what people could listen to.

For a free example of the paper magazine online via pdf go to:

The radio enthusiast magazine Monitoring Times ceased publication on December, 2013 after thirty-three years of continuous magazine production. Bob Grove, the long-time owner/operator of the title, ended up closing the business when he retired in 2014. There was still enough interest in the magazine that a new replacement began publication almost immediately, even going so far as to advertise in the last issue of the Monitoring Times.

The Spectrum Monitor's first issue was in January of 2014 and covered many of the topics and general interest information that had kept Monitoring Times going. Ken Reitz, the former managing editor of the Monitoring Times, was the new owner and publisher of the Spectrum Monitor.

Both magazines included listings of thousands of show times and frequencies of niche and eclectic interest radio programs from most countries.

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