A New York City punkrockband, Cleveland transplants. Perhaps among the first self-consciously "punk" bands in the US; rather than the general artsiness of their NYC peers, the Boys chose to cultivate an aura of malevolence, with S&M regalia, dyed-anything hair, shock value antics and verbiage, and whatnot - we mean it, maaaaaan!

They lasted for two albums: Young Loud and Snotty (1977) and We Have Come for Your Children (1978, with "Son of Sam"), through the courtesy of Sire Records; good stuff, plus there are posthumous releases and bootlegs out there. Lead singer Stiv Bator(s) later co-founded Lords of the New Church.

There was an attempted 80s reunion, but now everything is posthumous: Bators died in 1990 in Paris, an addition to the family of Rock Death - from injuries suffered in an traffic accident.

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