Relating to change. A plant or animal differing from its parents in one or more characteristics as a result of a genetic alteration.
Latin mutare (to change).
Mutant is a Cosmic Encounter power from the Mayfair edition. Considered to be a classic power. Mutant gives the player the power to regenerate which “Maintains Seven-Card Hand”. This was modified in More Cosmic Encounter to be a ten-card hand to keep with the change of rules (players now draw to ten cards instead of seven). What follows is the Mayfair text.

You have the power to regenerate. When you are a main player in a challenge and you have less than seven cards, you may fill out your hand to seven before playing. To do this, draw one card at a time from any player's hand or from the Challenge Deck. You may continue until you have seven cards in your hand. You need not make all draws from the same place.

History: Evolving on a highly radioactive and unshielded moon, the protean Mutants quickly learned to augment their silicon-based heredity. Before long, they began to control and accumulate key heredity codes of other life forms, stripping opponents of their most basic defenses in a Mutant drive to transform the universe.

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