A Quest For Facts

Yes, it's August again, which means the height of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring around the corner in the Southern. There's an abundance of fresh food in the markets, and a massive number of factual holes in the E2 database. Your job, should you chose to accept it, is to help plug these gaps in the manner of a dentist with a keyboard.

Winners and Whatnot

Thank you all for this, was a good deal of fun reading everything. Next time, I will give you all more notice. Everyone done good, but there were four at the top of the list:

First Place:   Sol Invictus and Tem42
Second Place:   auraseer
Third Place:   moeyz

Quest Entries

Tullus Hostilius Sol Invictus 6 C!
Nerdfighter Tem42
rust garden moeyz 5 C!
Ancus Marcius Sol Invictus 6 C!
Tarenyawagon Pandeism Fish 1 C!
Skill Progression Tree Uberbanana 1 C!
The Big Ass Happy Family Jubilee Stuart0))) 2 C!
Free-to-play uberbanana 1 C!
Keurig avalyn 1 C!
High Lift Devices ring wraith 4 C!
Blooming Tea moeyz 1 C!
Tlatoani Tem42
Extra Credits Uberbanana
Project Ten Dollar Uberbanana
nurse auraseer 2 C!
Instagram Decoy Hunches
Acamapichtli Tem42 4 C!
Macerator toilet Tem42 1 C!
argument from fallacy Tem42 3 C!
Fair trade coffee Tem42 3 C!
Lucius Tarquinius Priscus Sol Invictus 2 C!
Joe Kubert Jet-Poop 6 C!
Mitt Romney Pandeism Fish 3 C!
Martin Freeman avalyn 2 C!
Triage auraseer 6 C!
Joseph Marie Jacquard Phaedo 2 C!
Emergency Severity Index Auraseer 4 C!

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