BrevityQuest. We want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

  • The quest starts Sunday, July 1, 00:00:00 and ends Tuesday, July 31, 23:59:99 E2 server time.
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact or fiction, poetry and prose. New writeups only.
  • Post as many submissions as you like. It is okay to post hidden writeups if you prefer.
  • Quest entries should be labeled as such, and a /msg to confirm is welcome.
  • Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup. A panel of mystery judges will do mysterious judging things. Message Tem42 if you would like to be a judge!

Need some inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions listed in Brevity Quest 2015, Brevity Quest 2016, and Brevity Quest 2017. Need some counting? Check out the E2 Word Counter.

Winning Entries:

Fiction: Dark Hunger by Zephronias

Non-Fiction: Prisoner's constraint by JD

Poetry: counterfeit apologies by etouffee

Personal: This is what it feels like to die by Thalio


  1. Incarnations of Immortality by Silverai_me
  2. Deathshildy by Tem42
  3. Angel Head by Zephronias
  4. Taste the Future by Zephronias
  5. All Right, Vegemite! by Nemosyn
  6. John Homatas by Stuart
  7. better half by lizardinlaw
  8. The Shape of Stories by Serjeant's Muse
  9. Lightning Mouth by Zephronias
  10. Fifteen Dogs by JD
  11. The last one home by moeyz
  12. man in the sky by Silverai_me
  13. Dark Hunger by Zephronias
  14. Coal Roller by Stuart
  15. nodepile by moeyz
  16. Ghosts of Pandeism by Pandeism Fish
  17. Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Serjeant's Muse
  18. Rock Rock Rock! by JD
  19. There suddenly did not seem time enough for everything. by moeyz
  20. The introverted thinker is reported by lizardinlaw
  21. Half a King by Serjeant's Muse
  22. Monster Maker by Zephronias
  23. Dinoturbation by Tem42
  25. Half the World by Serjeant's Muse
  26. Adverse Childhood Experiences 10: love and trust by lizardinlaw
  27. counterfeit apologies by etouffee
  28. unidentified flying oliver by thalio
  29. The Outsider by JD
  30. It’s hard to keep apocalypse consistently in mind by moeyz
  31. fooled them again by lizardinlaw
  32. Half a War by Serjeant's Muse
  33. a collection of rubber bands sorted by length by moeyz
  34. 2D people can only see the inside of their head. by Stasik
  35. Before you, there was me by Silverai_me
  36. The Name of the Wind by Serjeant's Muse
  37. adjudicator by lizardinlaw
  38. Stuck Rubber Baby by JD
  39. personal portal by thalio
  40. Welcome Pineapple by moeyz
  41. The Wise Man's Fear by Serjeant's Muse
  42. Raked Tips by maxClimb
  43. They called the wrong Grandma today... by moeyz
  44. July 8, 2018 by lizardinlaw
  45. the death of true love by lizardinlaw
  46. Before I Fall by JD
  47. All Systems Red by Tem42
  48. Party ring by Tem42
  49. Flying Granola by moeyz
  50. The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Serjeant's Muse
  51. Cry Baby Cry by Glowing Fish
  52. SOS: Help for Parents by Serjeant's Muse
  53. the girl who danced with the chair by thalio
  54. Ant-man and the Wasp by JD
  55. They will wear Crowns of Golden Lightning bugs by moeyz
  56. Valparaiso Metro by Glowing Fish
  57. Pippa Passes by JD
  58. novitiate by JD
  59. I am just going outside and may be some time. by moeyz
  60. Pastel by Tem42
  61. Dryasdust by Tem42
  62. Charactonym by Tem42
  63. clock it the house by moeyz
  64. Enteric nervous system by Tem42
  65. Beveridge by Pandeism Fish
  66. Ilicet by Tem2
  67. this is what it feels like to die by thalio
  68. Privacy by legbagede
  69. Mazda MX-5 by moeyz
  70. Tips on not getting caught, from Paul Manafort by Pandeism Fish
  71. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders by JD
  72. National Ice Cream Day by moeyz
  73. Point refuted a thousand times by Tem2
  74. not even wrong by Tem42
  75. Outlander by Serjeant's Muse
  76. In the Honeysuckle Vines by moeyz
  77. It's a grocery store how purple should my prose be? by Glowing Fish
  78. Fusiform gyrus by Tem42
  79. Brodmann area 37 by Tem42
  80. macerate by lizardinlaw
  81. made by loving hands at home by lizardinlaw
  82. Blacks Aren't Crazy by Glowing Fish
  83. Lake Llanquihue by Glowing Fish
  84. March 18, 2018 by Tem42
  85. Those who are as a light in the darkness shall ever be troubled by moths by moeyz
  86. ಠ_ಠ by moeyz
  87. Hate draft by Tem42
  88. Sealioning by Clockmaker
  89. July 18, 2018 by lizardinlaw
  90. Mirror Mirror by Zephronias
  91. Bullocky Bill by Nemosyn
  92. the stars are raindrops searching for a place to fall by moeyz
  93. The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits by JD
  94. Whataboutism by Tem2
  95. Piano lessons by Pericles McGee
  96. East of heaven, where the ghost ships lie by moeyz
  97. Shadow Eater by Zephronias
  98. All the things she had at one point wanted to be by etouffee
  99. July 21, 2018 by lizardinlaw
  100. Before you, there was me by moeyz
  101. July 22, 2018 by maxClimb
  102. To walk through Dylan's gates by moeyz
  103. blocked by thalio
  104. Otherwise It Never Ends by lostcauser
  105. My mother went to market by Tem42
  106. All the things she had at one point wanted to be by lizardinlaw
  107. the wife box by lizardinlaw
  108. Moravec's paradox by Tem2
  109. What do you give a Benedictine monk for his birthday? by moeyz
  110. Games Done Quick by Glowing Fish
  111. the virgin prince(ss) by lizardinlaw
  112. Secreto di Pulchinella by Clockmaker
  113. Kashmira by Tem42
  114. Cut-glass accent by Tem42
  115. fanschop by Glowing Fish
  116. Sarabaite by Clockmaker
  117. Virginia creeper by moeyz
  118. rue amazon by Pericles McGee
  119. victim by JD
  120. Strange, you never knew by etouffee
  121. Prisoner's constraint by Pericles McGee
  122. Winter's Bone by moeyz
  123. After Mistaking the Motel 6 Sign for the Moon Behind the Maple Trees by MarmaladeSkies
  124. Denton Little's Death Date by Tem42
  125. Papas Duquesas by Glowing Fish
  126. Elvis by Tem42
  127. Araña Pollito by Glowing Fish
  128. invasion by thalio
  129. Everything2 Decaversary Interviews: moeyz by Decaversal Studios/moeyz
  130. Anchorite by Clockmaker
  131. The Indian in the Cupboard by Tem42
  132. D River by Glowing Fish
  133. U3 Unemployment Rate by Glowing Fish
  134. Ring around the Rosie by JD
  135. canned piece of soul by moeyz
  136. July 31, 2018 by lizardinlaw
  137. Dummy pronoun by Tem2
  138. Locus classicus by Tem42
  139. The Benedictine monk's birthday by moeyz
  140. Bigfoot erotica by Pandeism Fish
  141. asamother by lizardinlaw
  142. Heart Risk Calculator by lizardinlaw
  143. The ghost room by moeyz
  144. Lassitude by lizardinlaw

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