Reading #metoo and the John Barrowman problem.

There are some problems for me with this evaluation.

First of all, there is a spectrum problem. There is a vast difference between a man in power saying to a woman that he is interviewing or directing, "You have to have sex with me or else." then Mr. Barrowman exposing his naked parts to fellow actors. The power differential is important.

Secondly, the "it was ok back then" is complete bullshit. Ok with whom? The women who were groped, raped or fired because they wouldn't put out? Fuck, no. And hello, it was not "ok" back then with the law, the churches or their mother. Or their wife. So don't say that "it was ok back then". My terminology is "the fucker got away with it." Got away with it is not ok. Don't tempt me to describe what I want to do to people who say "it was ok back then".

Third, I don't think Mr. Barrowman should be exposing his naked parts to people as a joke. No thank you. And if he does it ha ha to someone who has been raped is it haha funny? No. To argue from the opposite, the US is insanely puritanical and twisted about naked bodies. You can dress women in thongs to sell any damned thing but the culture also assumes that they are beautiful and bad, those mostly naked woman. And gosh, if she was dressed in a thong, she was "asking for it".


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