BrevityQuest. We want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

  • The quest starts Saturday, July 1, 00:00:00 and ends Monday, July 31, 23:59:99 E2 server time.
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact or fiction, poetry and prose. New writeups only.
  • Post as many submissions as you wish. It is okay to post hidden writeups if you prefer.
  • Quest entries should be labeled as such, and a /msg to confirm is welcome.
  • Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup. A panel of mystery judges will do mysterious judging things. Message Tem42 if you would like to be a judge!

Need some inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions listed in BrevityQuest14, Brevity Quest 2015, and Brevity Quest 2016. Need some counting? Check out the E2 Word Counter.

Winning Entries:

Fiction: Mia and the Dog by Zephronias

Non-Fiction: Tintamarresque by JD

Poetry: Doctor's office June 1987 by etouffee


  1. Rounding error by Tem42
  2. Greenport by futurehog
  3. Bud, Not Buddy by Zephronias
  4. Round half up by Tem42
  5. The Wolf Among Us by Zephronias
  6. all we can see is open road, telephone poles, a sun that is always setting by moeyz
  7. Mosquito abatement district by Stuart
  8. Dawn by moeyz
  9. Poison in the morning is still poison, grandma! by Zephronias
  10. Dish soap isn't body wash, grandma! by Zephronias
  11. Sedevacantism by futurehog
  12. The Phoenix Project by Lord Brawl
  13. Linkboy by Tem42
  14. I am within your base of operations, fatally attacking your conscripts by moeyz
  15. to the sound of breaking waves by moeyz
  16. punctuated by the tiny scribble of shore birds by moeyz
  17. Mia and the Dog by Zephronias
  18. Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh by Zephronias
  19. Cunningham's Law by Tem42
  20. Vonnegut's rule #3 by moeyz
  21. Materva by jmpz
  22. Minor planet by Tem42
  23. Half-month by Tem42
  24. 17776 by Chord
  25. The introverted thinker in the garden by lizardinlaw
  26. The introverted thinker breaks the rules by lizardinlaw
  27. Why you should not be mean by Chord
  28. WEIRD by Tem42
  29. Mundungus by Tem42
  30. I want daisy chains and lazy bees and the smell of rain. by moeyz
  31. Self-selection bias by Tem42
  32. Survivorship bias by Tem42
  33. A Story About Mia and Space by Zephronias
  34. An open letter to the Artificial General Intelligence by Pandeism Fish
  35. Proposed Brevity Quest Entries from an Andarian Lab Technician by Zephronias
  36. Belt by Admin to the goo
  37. Belt by The Custodian
  38. Oracle AI by Tem42
  39. Asteroid Day by Tem42
  40. July 13, 2017 by lizardinlaw
  41. Mia and the Quarter by Zephronias
  42. got a quarter? by lizardinlaw
  43. The extroverted feeler and the balcony porch by lizardinlaw
  44. Everything by Pandeism Fish
  45. As long as there are flowers by etouffee
  46. I miss your skin by lizardinlaw
  47. Tintamarresque by JD
  48. I miss your skin by lizardinlaw
  49. I miss your skin by moeyz
  50. I miss your skin by Zephronias
  51. Ask a Human: Greg Answers #1 by Zephronias
  52. Visceral opposition to solar power by Pandeism Fish
  53. Submitting art to a juried show by moeyz
  54. Quick pitch by mauler
  55. dream postal service for intangible items by Silverai_me
  56. Floating signifier by Tem42
  57. Grief assemblage #1 by moeyz
  58. Tell me a story about a burro, standing atop a mesa, surrounded by a flock of geese, being fed by a weathered old man wearing nothing but a Jimmy hat by moeyz
  59. A Tale for the Time Being by JD
  60. Empire waist by Segnbora-t
  61. Lithic Walkthrough Part 8 by BookReader
  62. my garden for the asking by moeyz
  63. Quantitative literacy by Tem42
  65. Lettered edition by Tem42
  66. Ask a Human: Greg Answers #5 by Zephronias
  67. I remember when all this was trees by moeyz
  68. a little black spot on the sun by etouffee
  69. Philadelphia style ice cream by Tem42
  70. Twitten by Tem42
  71. Family Plot by JD
  72. Patients or profit? by lizardinlaw
  73. Jobsworth by Tem42
  74. Family Plot by Tem42
  75. Bauta by Clockmaker
  76. Larva by Clockmaker
  77. Moretta by Clockmaker
  78. Domino by Clockmaker
  79. Low fantasy by Tem42
  80. Building a patio from a book during largely unfavorable weather by moeyz
  81. Revolution by Rancid_Pickle
  82. July 28, 2017 by moeyz
  83. Allistic by Tem42
  84. Teach Peace! Be Nice to Mice! Give a Trap to a Friend! by moeyz
  85. Old clothes by moeyz
  86. Bagh Nakh by Clockmaker
  87. Doctor's office June 1987 by etouffee
  88. I replied to the wind by moeyz
  89. Alloparent by Tem42
  90. Broken-pitch roof by Tem42
  91. Trump's transgender service ban by Pandeism Fish
  92. US states with a white minority by Tem42
  93. When I was 21, he was building a Time Machine by moeyz
  94. bread and butter letter by lizardinlaw
  95. The introverted thinker and the stocking stuffers by lizardinlaw
  96. brother outlaw by lizardinlaw
  97. shirt tail relative by lizardinlaw
  98. Occasional Table by Tem42
  99. Paratype by Tem42
  100. A Partial Translation of the Table of Contents of 'The Source of All Happiness', a book of Tibetan Divination and Astrology by CultureAndOrCrisis

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