See, you just rode your bike across someone's yard. You're going to leave a mark in the grass. Then when they come out they'll see the mark in the grass and they'll get real mad. And they' grumble and they'll growl all the way to Ye Olde Spice Racke and Discounte Country Inne. And come in and and they'll grumble and they'll growl at me. And that will make me nervous because I just got a job here at Ye Olde Spice Racke and Discounte Country Inne, and I haven't memorized the spice rack yet. So when they come up to me instead of saying "Hello, may I please have some Allspice" they'll say "Give me some Allspice now!" And I will be nervous and I will search through the spice rack frantically until I find it. And I will rush out to the grumbly customer and in my rush i shall trip and send the Allspice fying. And it shall fly over the grumbly customer's head and it shall land on the floor and shatter and the glass will be everwhere. And the child who ran in barefooted will step on the shards of glass and cut their feet, and they will holler and scream, and the ambulance wil holler and scream as it comes to the door, and the parents wil holler and scream at the bloody mess as the EMTs load the kid into the ambulance, and my boss will holler at me, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

See, you were mean and now I'm out of a job. Thanks a bunch.

294 w

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