Title: འཕྲུལ།་མོ་སྣ་ཚོགས་ཕན་བདེའི་འབྱུང་གནས་།། A Myriad of Magical Divination: the Source of All Happiness

'The Source' is a collection of twenty two independent texts of varying length, each entry details methods of prognostication and magic. The vast majority deal with astrology and the science of dates, almanacs of favorable or important dates, charts of lucky and unlucky coincidences, and guides to planetary calculations; others provide spells and incantations for excorcistic and occult rites.

1-30 The Magical Divinations of Tashi-Tsering-Ma.

Tsering-Ma is a Goddess of luck and good fortune.

31-36 Divinations of the 100,008 Dakini

Dakini are semi-divine feminine spirit beings, protecting Buddhist teachings and serving Yogis and Mystics.

37-44 Astrological Calculations for the Eight Planetary Goddesses

Divine representations of the eight closest planets.

45-48 Calculations of the Twelve Periods of the Day


49-52 Calculating the Eight Planets


53-55 Calculations of the Five Dakini Classes

The Dakini, like many Indo-Tibetan mythological beings, live in a caste based society. 

56 Circumambulations to Expel Malignant Namdaks

A guide to determining if one is haunted by a 'Namdak' spirit, and the paths and steps one must walk to expel it.

57-58 The Five Fingers of Prophecy (Five Incantations for locating and expelling demons)

A discussion of locations and signs of various demons, with occult chants to cast them out.

59-60 Divining the Future Through Stones


61-62 Divining the Kalacakra

A complex Tantric commentary.

63-74 The Method of Tara: From the Atisha Tradition. And Commentary

An oral discussion of a particular method of divining the future.

75-76 An Almanac of the Nagas: When They Come to Bring Rain

A calendar of auspicious dates for the serpent beings.

77 Determining the Gender of a Fetus

The fetus's gender is based on the day and month of conception.

78 An Almanac Finding Lost and Stolen Cattle


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