My extroverted feeler ex husband was in Madison, Wisconsin at the same time I was in school there. That is, before he became my husband. He was being a hippie with hair down to his butt. As a young woman rebelling against beatnik parents, I wanted nothing to do with hippies.

He had transferred schools and then dropped out of a philosophy degree. He lived in a cooperative house. He was working at a cooperative bakery.

"I paid $50.00 per month for an unheated glassed balcony porch. I found the most heavy duty down sleeping bag I could and asked my parents for it for Christmas. I slept on that porch all winter. I would have frozen even with the down bag, except that we had an enormous furry house dog. The dog would sleep on top of the sleeping bag and I was warm as toast."

Madison winters would hang around 0 degrees and dip down to 20 below or more.

Thirty years later the cooperative house was sold. He got a check for $4000.00 for his share of time renting. Not a bad deal....


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