This patio of mine

would either be quite small

depending upon my choice

of book, or biodegradable

temporary and fragile

if I used the pages of

this random book with

1180 pages including the index

copyright 1935, 1948, 1959

1970, 1977 Anthology of

Children's Literature

5th Edition with numerous

illustrations in color

during a week's prediction of

occasional thunderstorms with

rain on dampened dirt and grass.

Consider this an invitation

to join me, bats swooping,

moths fluttering, fireflies

blinking, leave your shoes off

for dancing to shadows

from flickering tea lights,

rice paper kites of summers

past, dusty paper cranes

as tangled strings, words,

and pages of my patio

float upwards blackened

above the flames and

our charred soles.


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