Greenport is a town located on the North Fork of Long Island, NY. Due to the geography of this island, there is a bay located between two 'arms' of the island.

The town is known for for its wineries and wine tastings, although the latter are more oriented towards tourists who want to drink and have fun than expert wine tasters. The town also offers seal watching and other excursions on the bay to tourists. Not all the 'local seafood' is actually caught in the bay. Many arts and craft stores sell to the tourists, although not all the art is actually investor quality.

During the summer the town is hot during the day, but there is a very pleasant breeze at night. The hotels and restaurants are somewhat expensive for their not extraordinary quality, but the employees are always very pleasant to the tourists. Many hotels look right onto the bay, and it is pleasant to hear the sounds of the water early in the morning and late at night.


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