That number is not a typo.

The opening to the story is startling but your browser is not crashing.

The story is not simply a conversation across a calendar.

It's a good story. Whether or not it is a MARVELOUS story remains to be seen, as it is currently ongoing (new episode tomorrow); it sets up a number of circumstances that have yet to be fully explored and questions yet to be answered. Perhaps at the end it will all make sense; perhaps at the end it will make no sense.

And in the meantime the story itself is full of delightful nonsense in the wake of the removal of humanity's driving concern. I never would have thought I could care about Football; as it happens, all I needed was for the rules of the game to become a little more flexible. (Alas, the rules of the game related in the "Garbage Football" podcast are too INflexible, and the players are currently stuck.)

Whether or not it turns out to be MARVELOUS, the story pulls me along with the constant question of "what on earth is going on." There are few dull moments so far.

So far. So far it's a strangely peaceful story beyond the fear of Nine on the first page. Just...humans playing football. (OK mostly peaceful.)

So why was the opening fake-out article so ominous? Why did the bottom half of the article simply say "something has gone terribly wrong"?

So much remains to be seen. Sorry I can't reveal any more details. If you want to read the story, it's best if you learn the details for yourself.

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