I've noticed in my travels a propensity for some to have negative emotional reactions to the very concept of solar power.

Solar power, naturally, is simply a tool, one lately made exploitable by rapidly advancing technology, one which centers an industry now generating not just electricity but massive job numbers and ripples of economic growth. And yet to some, advocacy for solar power seems as provocative a concept as abortion or euthanasia or raising taxes. This often seems tied to the same political aptitudes which have people cheering for one political outfit over the other like fans at a baseball game. It's as if the hammer supporters had ingrained in people with the notion that screwdrivers or bad and that binding pieces of wood with screws instead of nails was unfeasible, corrupt, and would lead to all manner of harm.

Some of this is traceable purely to the anti-science bend consuming some of the polity--to the extent that one locality reportedly voted to reject solar power out of fear that it "drains the Sun" and like nonsense. Obedience to fossil fuels and opposition to their alternatives rises to the level of religious conviction. When such a situation as this arises, the logical inquiry to follow is as to who benefits from imposing upon the people this sort of mindset. And there are some--those who profit off of stagnancy, opposing nations grappling to master this power source first, and agents of chaos, generally.

Ultimately, the dominance of solar power is as certain as the dominance of automobiles over horse-drawn carriages, and of e-mail over posted letters. But humanity's progress is grievously hampered for so long as large numbers harbor an unreasoned gut malignancy towards this most remarkable energy source.

290 words for Brevity Quest 2017

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