A brother outlaw is like a brother inlaw, but not married in to the family. I introduce the father of my sister’s child as my brother outlaw. People understand it almost instantly.

Now that I am divorced, I am still in contact with my ex-husband’s family: my mother outlaw, more brother outlaws and my children’s cousins, who are still cousins. I still visit my mother outlaw, who is in her 90s, even though the divorce was ten years ago.

I have a jacket that is a hand me down. It is my ex-husband’s brother’s wife’s mother’s gift to me. We were visiting and it was in the hall. I admired it and she said it was headed for Goodwill. “Do you want it?” It fit me just perfectly. “Oh, yes, thank you!” I said.

Inlaws, outlaws, steps and exes. It’s nice to get along with as many as possible.


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