My father’s birthday is next week, and I will make a cake. I’ll make dinner. With yeast rolls. I'll make a birthday card

I’ll stay up late the night before, making everything just right. My mother will ask me why and say, he’d never do this for you. 

She will say he doesn’t deserve it. And she is right. He doesn’t. In rare moments of candor, he will say as much himself. 

In the ‘90’s, there was a popular legal drama with a character named Eugene; I remember once Eugene was asked, how can you defend someone you don’t believe is innocent. How can you defend what’s indefensible

I’ll make dinner and a card. I’ll make yeast rolls and a cake. She will say it's not what he deserves.

And that is why; otherwise, it never ends.

I fight harder for the guilty, Eugene said.

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