Why doesn't Disney and our culture value and sell "prince" to boys like it values and sells "princess" to girls?

And why don't I automatically think "virgin" and "pure" with the word prince? Isn't the value of a princess that she's virgin and pure? So wouldn't that be the value of a prince too? In fact, the Disney princesses are not all children of royalty, but they do seem to be virgin and pure. It also seems that being virgin and pure means that one is good, too. Good and kind. Is this not the highest value for boys, that they be princes, virgin, pure, good and kind? That the birds and mice are their friends and help them with their appointed tasks, sewing, mending, cleaning house?

Poor princes, innocent virgins pure of heart, with the evil Step-Kings jealously trying to kill them because they are not as beautiful.

Perhaps GI Joe should produce a line of GI Joe princes, pure, innocent, virginal, beautiful....


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