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The theological theory of Pandeism is founded on logical and reasoned examination of the proof available in observing our Universe. Is there room in such a theory for the historically (if anecdotally) well-reported phenomenon of ghosts? I've been asked more than once: as a Pandeist, do I believe in ghosts? Do I credit spirits, communion with the deceased, and such?

Firstly, I will make clear, there is and can be no "official" Pandeist view on such questions. In part, because Pandeism is not a theory about ghosts or even souls, but about the origin and underlying nature of our Universe as a whole; and in part because Pandeism is a probability-based inquiry, one which seeks to determine what propositions are necessary or unnecessary, what propositions are possible or impossible, and weigh probabilities as to those which are possible but not necessary. We begin from the proposition that our Creator possibly became the Creation, which is what we perceive as our Universe, and that all things which exist within our Universe are essentially manifestations of our Creator. And so, if there are such things as ghosts, these too are simply manifestations of our Creator in the same way that we are ourselves such manifestations.

But at the same time, I must speak for the moments of the proof from my own perceptions. I have certainly been in the presence of what I would guess to be residual spiritual energies--the strange groan, the inexplicably cold spot in the warm room. I have a theory in mind that if a person has habitual behaviours, then there may exist some energy of the person which has a certain memory for pursuing those behaviours. Now, I've never had a two-way conversation with a "ghost," but if I did I'd account for that pandeistically!!


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