Eight years after starting this three word social media movement, Dan Savage and husband Terry Miller are shepherding the non-profit organization which has grown exponentially from Youtube videos into a Global Initiative supported by people of all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Started initially as a reaction to LGBTQ+ teenagers bullied and teased to the point of suicide because of their gender identity or expression, IGB encourages positive supportive connections between adults and questioning teens. The message is simple yet needs to be said and said again. IT GETS BETTER.

This movement appears to be not only inclusive but has a broader focus than just sexual preference. People who have been through similar situations are helping others by sharing their experiences. Over 6,000 individuals have told their stories which are posted on the website. Essays are published in the book.

For more detailed information, maps of participating countries, statistics, ways to help or to share your story, please consider becoming part of making a difference in this compassionate use of the internet.


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