A term of affection referring to the other partner in a relationship. Often said to the male in reference to his girlfriend, implying that he is lesser. But often not.

In colloquial language, it is used conversationally to demonstrate the other person in the relationship without referring to them as "him" or "her". This is sometimes useful if the other person is sensitive about being reduced to simple descriptors "Who's 'she'? The cat's mother?" My better half is also used in this context.

I am loved.

My cat is worried. I am anguishing about something. She sits in guard position, between me and the door. She knows I am sad and worried.

I crack the outside door when I am home, so she can go in and out. I clap my hands to call her. She usually comes, though occasionally she gets locked out.

Last night I left the door cracked. I was so tired I went to bed without closing it. I try not to do this because of a previous cat gift. But I am soooo tired.

My cat tickles me with her whiskers in the morning. I roll away, not ready to wake up yet. She leaves.

I am loved.

When I sit up half an hour later, I realize that she left me half a mouse. Half a mouse, on my pillow. The front half.

The better half.

For BQ 2018.

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