This year, National Ice Cream Day falls on July 15th between National Ammo Day and National Coming Out Day. Some ice cream chains offer free ice cream if you download their mobile app.

If you are more of a donut person, sadly you missed the first National Doughnut Day, a moveable feast that is celebrated yearly on the 1st Friday of June which was June 5th.

The 2nd National Donut Day is November 5th right after Halloween when everyone and their mother needs more sugar in their lives so dentists don't lose their jobs to robots.

These may seem frivolous compared to Veterans Day or Hanukkah, but certainly our lives need levity. These so-called fringe holidays have fringe benefits unless you're trying to lose weight or keep your teeth.

Inexplicably, my small town gutted Friendly's Restaurant, replacing it with both Baskin Robbins AND Dunkin' Donuts in one building. So much for architectural or historical integrity on a Revolutionary War route taken by General George Washington and his troops.

Whether you employ the Donut or Doughnut spelling, it's a way to celebrate women's efforts in wartime which have changed considerably since the inception of the whole idea. Hole idea. Happy National Ice Cream Day! Belated or early Happy Donut Day!


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