"Fanschop" is the name of a beverage that is drunk in Chile. The name of the beverage, like the beverage itself, is a combination of two things: Fanta, the common brand of orange soda pop, and schop, which is the Chilean term for draft beer. ("Schop" itself derives from the German language, because Germans, predictably, contributed greatly to Chile's brewing industry).

So Fanschop is made by taking half a liter of draft beer (which is typically a lager), and topping it off with an equal amount of orange soda pop. This produces a sweet, citrusy and weak beverage. I have tried to make fanschop, or variations of it, at home, and found them...somewhat entertaining.

Chile is not the only country where a variety of shandy is drunk, but the popularity of such a sweet and mild beverage is one of many examples of the often bland nature of Chilean food and drink.

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