nullius in verba

At ease! You don't need to slip on your white lab coat and your pocket protector, because...


... ended successfully!

Everything2 needs your fine brain! Write on any topic in science, engineering, and mathematics. The Higgs boson. Plate tectonics. NEUROPHYSIOLOGY!. The mathematics of gambling. Solid state physics. Transistor design. Research at the South Pole. The Chinese space program. Calabi-Yau manifolds. Robotics in manufacturing. Space missions to Mars. Eco-friendly automobiles. Upper atmosphere weather. Your favorite disease. Mathematical game theory applied to social networking and on-line communities. Digital signal processing. DARPA research topics. Insect communication for selection and mating. The United States federally sponsored science efforts. Automobile tires. Commercial electronics and industrial design. Fluid flow in fountain pens. The GZK limit of cosmic ray energies. Challenges in computational geometry. The Riemann conjecture. Recent Nobel Prizes in medicine, physics, and chemistry. The economics of launch vehicles and space travel. A biography of your favorite scientist.

Write about what we don't know! Mysteries in physics, begging a Nobel Prize. The Millenium Prize for open problems in mathematics. What we don't know in gene research. Commercial spaceflight - will it ever be economical?

You are limited only by your imagination. Science has it all! Richard Feynman spent his life chasing interesting physics problems. You can too. We just ask that your article be well researched and well written.


  1. Every participating noder will receive 40 GP per writeup.
  2. The most prolific writer will receive 1000 GP!
  3. Extra prizes will be awarded after the Quest has closed.


  1. Join us!: Put on your black frame nerd glasses and let us know if you'd like to participate. We'll add you to the E2Science usergroup. Any Quest correspondence will be via E2Science.
  2. Start: The Science Quest will begin midnight, 0:00 (server time), Sunday, January 15, 2012
  3. Length: You have 28 days - 4 weeks - to submit entries.
  4. The Finish Line: The Science Quest will end at midnight, 0:00 (server time), Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012
  5. Writeup length: no minimum or maximum. Whatever you need to cover your topic. A less ambitious topic is better: "The History of Quantum Mechanics" would probably never get finished. "The Discovery of A New Species of Lepidoptera" is more likely to.
  6. References: You don't need to use references, but they'd help, especially if the readership wants to follow up with more reading on the topic.
  7. Link and Link: Linking to existing E2 writeups on similar topics is strongly encouraged.
  8. A little bitty parenthetic, almost apologetic statement: This is a science quest - not speculative science. Science fiction is not what we're looking for here. Factuals are the order of the day. They can be personal factuals - your reactions to a science class, or to a lab class you took, or defending your thesis. That's what we're looking for: to see how you collided with science, how it changed you, the wonderment you felt...
  9. Submit and Notify! When you submit a writeup, please notify one of the judges that your writeup is part of the Science Quest.
  10. Daylogs: As with the Iron Node Challenge, you may write a maximum of 5 daylogs, if they are science-related.

Questions? Please message Oolong or IWhoSawTheFace, your hosts for this quest, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Everything2's audience loves science factuals. Here's your chance to Node for the Ages. Join your fellow writers as we unleash our inner geeks. Happy writing!

The Participants

Number of Participants: 19
Number of Nodes: 50
Days Left in Quest: 1
Most Active Noders: decoy hunches

Sources of Inspiration

If you monitor news in your field of science or engineering, would you please let me know which site or sites you use? I'd like to append them to the list above.

Thank you to the elegant Aerobe for providing the latin phrase, "Nullius in verba," and to the irrepressible Zephronias for finding the Simpsons video.

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