I'm sure you know the drill -- the New Year is a time for shedding past indiscretions, mistakes, and habits and trying to pick up some newer, shinier, all-around better resolutions for your life. For lots of people, that means trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Hit the gym, the track, the pool, the Wii Fit, and try to drop some of the pounds you've taken on over the holiday season! But for lots of people, this also means trying something new, getting tired of it, and quitting long before the end of the year rolls around, requiring the whole doofy process to start over again.

So this year, maybe we should try to encourage each other to do it together. Do you have an exercise regimen you follow, or want to start? Do you have a particular sporting event or athlete you enjoy or admire? Is there a certain healthy recipe you'd like to share with others in your shoes? Or do you have fitness goal you want to achieve this year and just need a little help staying on track?

Enter: FitQuest! This sparkly brand new once in a life-time (this year) opportunity to node your absolute favorite topics related to and leading up to YOUR increased fitness level as we head in to the new year is open for business starting on January 1st, 2010. We'll be following this baby through all the way to January 31st, 2010 in an GP sort of way but of course you're encouraged to actually (for real this time) keep up with it all the year through. Should you be interested in participating, here's the skinny:


Topic Nodes: Topics include:

Node a high quality write-up like you surely always do. Entries will be judged in each category and a reward of 100 GP will be given to the top contender! Yay for you!

Workout nodes: These shall be posted every Sunday with a collection of your workouts for the week, not daily. For every week you work out, you will receive a GP prize. If you post your weekly workouts every Sunday throughout the quest you will receive an extra GP prize!

I would hope this goes without saying, but obviously here on the cavernous abyss of the internet, the truth is not always as attainable as we'd like. Just remember that if you feel the need to cheat on your workout entries, you will probably still get GP. And then you will be that person on the internet who cheated on a workout quest in order to get GP. Food for thought.

Any questions should be sent packing toward Rai Tai, who will be with you all as you embark upon this most wondrous of journeys. All GP is generously being given by avalyn.

Without further ado, I wish you all a very happy, very healthy New Year -- here's hoping to see you a less-rounded individual as we reach toward 2011.

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