We want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

"Would have been better done in February"
— me

There's a long tradition on E2 of good short writeups, and as I am a fan of tradition I'm going to run another Brevity Quest. Tem42 seems to have run a few, so I'm giving him a break this year.

  • The quest starts on Thursday, 1st September at 00:00:00 and ends on Friday, 30th September at 23:59:99 (E2 server time). Of course, it's all over now.
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact, fiction, poetry and prose. New writeups only.
  • Post as many submissions as you wish. It is okay to post hidden writeups if you prefer.
  • Quest entries should be labeled as such, and a /msg to confirm is recommended.
  • Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup.
  • There will certainly be other rewards, based on criteria yet to be decided.

Short on inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

I am currently the sole judge. If you'd like to help out, please let me know.

Also, don't rely solely on the word count in the draft/writeup header (as it counts HTML and pipelinked text too). We do have the E2 Word Counter, but please also note the Brevity Quest Word Count Guidelines.

$ xclip -o | wc -w

The Entries

  1. Saint Martin's Summer by Clockmaker
  2. cmus by nicolasstag
  3. The Pushcart War by JD
  4. Mesa-optimizer by Tem42
  5. Sometimes the shadows remain even after the storm has cleared. by Zephronias
  6. Sweet Dreams! by svntax
  7. Dan Cupid by Tem42
  8. Mistress of Mistresses by Clockmaker
  9. British National Anthem by wertperch
  10. God Save The King by everyone
  11. Join me by vongrim
  12. Monopink Dream, 2001 by svntax
  13. time by vongrim
  14. Marid by Zephronias
  15. Ingagi by JD
  16. Giant Little Ones by JD
  17. Open Doors by Zephronias
  18. Cauda Equina by Zephronias
  19. Manticore by wertperch
  20. gas pump by Dustyblue
  21. gas station by Dustyblue
  22. September is the month of small things by andycyca
  23. Toploader by nicolasstag
  24. Threadneedle Street by wertperch
  25. Ka by Clockmaker
  26. the slow blade penetrates the shield by wertperch
  27. Steven Gould by Tem42
  28. Yard of Clay by Tem42
  29. Gurney Halleck by wertperch

Thank you all! The Quest is now closed. I've picked a couple of winners and have asked for the rewards to be passed out.

Additional rewards to Tem42 for fascinating me with Dan Cupid, to vongrim for sparking discussion with join me and to Zephronias for entertaining me with Open Doors.

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