Ladies and gentleman, standing in for sam512 and with the blessing of m'lady grundoon, robotic ballerina extraordinaire, I'm declaring January 1st, 2011 - February 1st, 2011 to be the month of...

SciFiQuest 2011: The Undiscovered Nodegel

PLEASE NOTE: Due to squids attacking grundoon's brain and cassparadox being in an alcohol-soaked coma in the aftermath of the Thanksgiving nodermeet, we had a clerical error, and will be giving out GP instead of XP for rewards. Sorry for the confusion!

That's right, we're back for another year of robots gone mad, starships gone sentient, and genetic fables spun by aliens! We're looking for factual and fictional nodes about science fiction - no science factuals allowed, sorry, we're focusing solely on the fandom, the fiction and things like reviews of short stories, novels, movies, and science fiction publications like Analog, Locus, and Strange Horizons.

I'm looking for cyberpunk, alternate reality, and grey goo gone horribly wrong. Rampaging robots? Interstellar empires? Post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style racing? Aliens marooned on earth, living amongst disgusting, meat-ridden humans? Go for it! Be creative!

How I Shot Klingons?

  • All content must be noded between January 1st, 00:00:00 UTC and February 2nd, 00:00:00 UTC.
  • All nodes must conform to the limitations of the quest - science fiction or factual nodes about science fiction, as in previous years.
  • You must message me, cassparadox with the title of your node.

What's in it For Me?

  • All nodes will be judged by myself, lizardinlaw, and grundoon: the best node out of the bunch will net the author 100GP and is guaranteed at least one C!.
  • Each node surviving till the end of the month will net the author an extra 30XP 30GP.
  • Write three or more nodes, and you'll get a shiny, mysterious treat on top of all this!
  • The usual upvotes, chings, harem of admirers and adultation of your peers.

Filthy Space Creatures!

If you, the average voting member of E2 don't have time or inspiration to contribute nodes to the quest, you can still help! Sign up to read and contribute via upvotes, downvotes, chings, and feedback to your fellow noders, and gain recognition and the admiration of others! Send me a /msg before the beginning of the month, and we'll send you a treat too.

Please be prepared to read nigh unto every node posted for this quest if you commit to this role.

Mysterious Alien Monoliths




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