Fellow sophonts, please forgo your usual enscribbling in favor of the newest frontier: counterfactual universes! Yes, it is time for the latest in an intermittent series of science fiction quests. Specifically, from May 1st, 3016 to June 1st, 3016.

Please node about things that have not yet been fully invented, beasts that have not formally evolved, people not officially released for public consumption, and alternate timelines of all stripes. Provisional accommodations will be made for fairies, ghosts, and gods. Reviews and explanations of science-fictional concepts will be accepted, but factual science writeups are suspect, and will probably not be eligible for prizes.


  • All nodes must conform to the limitations of the quest - science fiction or factual nodes about science fiction, as in previous years.
  • Message Tem42 with the title of your node.


  • 10 GP per node submitted and surviving to the end of the quest.
  • 300, 200, and 100 GP for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place nodes in each category.
  • A bonus prize for the highest rep writeup: an /egg command of your devising for the chatbox.

Helping with the Quest!

Let me know if you are interested in helping judge. It's pretty easy work, but naturally involves a lot of reading.




Mini-quest #1

Starting Friday the 6th through Friday the 13th, an additional 10 GP will be awarded for near-future science fiction -- fantastic events happening within our (unaugmented) lifetimes.

Mini-quest #2

Starting Sunday the 15th through Monday the 23th, it's shorter fiction -- 400 words or less.
  • Pigs are inherently pacifists, and lack opposable thumbs by Tem42

  • Mini-quest #3

    Sunday the 22nd through May 31st, it's Reviews! Books, movies, film, TV, and comic books, anything SF related.

    And finally...

    The Winners:


    1. at risk by lizardinlaw
    2. My lunch money was stolen by a predatory Mars rover by Dustyblue
    3. The Stars My Destination by rosetinted


    1. Chinese Demon Movies by TheAnglican
    2. The Martian by Tem42
    3. Foglet by Tem42

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