B Movie Quest 2006

Remember those days where you'd pick up Mary Lou and speed down to the drive-in theater for a triple feature? You’d watch a romance because Mary Lou insisted, but then there’d be a film for you. The second picture might not be be so great, but it would probably scare her into your arms and if she didn’t feel like necking there’d be monsters, space ships and Prehistoric Women in short skirts and halter tops to hold your attention.

Okay, maybe you don’t remember those days, but you do remember the B movie. And do we have a quest for you. No stark Bauhaus intereriors, no insightful statements of the human condition, but a quest that celebrates exploitation, bad acting and unintentialal humor. Announcing the first B-movie quest of the Gnu Millennium. We want writeups that celebrate the breadth and depth of the B-movie, from reviews of your favorite stinker, to celebrations of the actors, directors and scream queens who gave them life, the deadliest monsters and villains, even analyses of what makes the B-movie so infamous, we want your writeups.

Blessing of xp and C!s will be granted to all worthy entries by e2s only Undead Deity. Message that Caped Noder, the voluminous Transitional Man with your submissions and ideas. Do it for art!.

A few examples we like:

So get out those Troma-atic films, your direct to video favorites, and you re best black and white and get noding, because the bone-sucking aliens will get us all if you don't.