So, have you ever come across evidence of an Everything Quest that you somehow missed out on, perhaps due to not becoming a user of the site until long after the quest was over, or perhaps due to periods of heavy drinking and/or drug use during the time in which the quest was running? Have no fear! You have a second chance!

LateQuest 2007
Procrastinators of the World Unite!

So, pay attention. Take a long look at the list of the quests of E2's past, scratch your chin, have a drink of water, walk the dog, go to the store, come back and take another look...

The rules are as simple as they are confusing! If you see a quest for which you feel you are capable and adequately able to submit a stunning quest entry we would have otherwise missed out on, do it now. Or do it later.

After submitting your entry to an ancient quest, you may attempt to seduce the organizer of this quest of the past for attention or simply hardlink "LateQuest 2007" at the bottom of your writeup along with a link to the expired quest that is relative and maybe someone will give you bonus XP or some sort of blessing. Or not. You never know. Roll the dice.

This quest probably lasts until March 31st, but you can always submit later than that.