BrevityQuest12 has ended. Thanks for all your submissions: 36 noders contributed 94 writeups, good work!

NanceMuse here, substituting for the vacationing DEB.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

It's April, and therefore time for BrevityQuest. We want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

  • The quest starts 00:00:01 Tuesday, 3 April 2012 and ends 23:59:59 Monday, 30 April 2012, e2 server time.
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact or fiction, both poetry and prose; new writeups only, please!
  • Post as many submissions as you wish, but remember that flooding the new writeups list is never a good thing.
  • It's really helpful if you note the word count at the end of your writeup.
  • After posting your writeups(s), notify me of your minora opera so I can add it to the list of BrevityQuest submissions in this node.

Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup, and something fun will land into the mailbox of our "best in show" entrant. Tem42, the god-like Oolong and I will determine the winning quest entry (thanks Oolong and Tem). We'll probably enlist the help of some guest judges, too.

Need some inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions listed in BrevityQuest09, BrevityQuest10 and BrevityQuest11.

Need I say more? Oh - have fun!

In brief:

  1. Cairngorm by Tem42
  2. Thyme by NanceMuse
  3. up the hill, houses and the ghosts of two dogs by moeyz
  4. Woodstock by Pandeism Fish
  5. Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games) by decoy hunches
  6. stevia by pomegranate
  7. stripper clip by The Custodian
  8. Sovereign case by Tem42
  9. Lee Rifle by The Custodian
  10. en bloc clip by The Custodian
  11. Smith & Wesson Model 5906 by The Custodian
  12. A story about Mia and church by Zephronias
  13. wherever you are by moeyz
  14. magazine follower by The Custodian
  15. pistol slide by The Custodian
  16. M1 thumb by The Custodian
  17. basil by NanceMuse
  18. Pissabed by Tem42
  19. Who can know it? by etouffee
  20. A love letter from someone who cannot say I Love You by Orangeduck
  21. karass by decoy hunches
  22. Happy Birthday From Planet MotherSuperior by moeyz
  23. A small story about Mia by Zephronias
  24. Contact shot by kozmund
  25. between Earth Day and the anniversary of Chernobyl by moeyz
  26. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day by borgo
  27. straight last by jessicaj
  28. Jonny Jakobsen by mauler
  29. Milk, the Deadly Poison by Pandeism Fish
  30. The rain machine by winston_farsoul
  31. Cobbler by DriftingHere
  32. You May Exit if You Wish by Hommerabi
  33. Success Story by Zed_Alpha
  34. Like toys for overgrown children by winston_farsoul
  35. Yell Hound by Zephronias
  36. unemployment by Pandeism Fish
  37. Mayor of X by Glowing Fish
  38. to red and white by moeyz
  39. Malversation by Pandeism Fish
  40. Promenade by winston_farsoul
  41. Two stories about Mia by Zephronias
  42. Occam's Razor by lizardinlaw
  43. A story about Mia by Zephronias
  44. pulling your chain by moeyz
  45. Barouche-landau by Tem42
  46. just a small holy moment to hold onto by moeyz
  47. Welcome Home by winston_farsoul
  48. I would run to you by Pandeism Fish
  49. Clothes make the man by Zephronias
  50. Idle speed screw by ignis_glaciesque
  51. Sweet woodruff by NanceMuse
  52. Chessboard by StuartO)))
  53. Church Grim by Zephronias
  54. Amazon Kindle by futurehog
  55. Pygame by BranRainey
  56. the glory by moeyz
  57. Avril 14th by decoy hunches
  58. Agnostica by Tem42
  59. The Shitting Duck of France by wertperch
  60. volute spring by Transitional Man
  61. Tell me a story about bunnies by moeyz
  62. This castle looks a lot like the old one by winston_farsoul
  63. skinny dipping by raincomplex
  64. Columbia River Bar by fool4luv
  65. dark highways take us near and far from home by Auspice
  66. Who disturbs my slumber? by moeyz
  67. Rubberlip surfperch by wertperch
  68. In-Q-Tel by Tem42
  69. the desert was once alive, but I don't remember it by Pandeism Fish
  70. Love is a thing with feathers by Zephronias
  71. A Room with a View by winston_farsoul
  72. Bullockornis by Tem42
  73. drop by Orange Julius
  74. qarez by Auspice
  75. Salad burnet by NanceMuse
  76. 3 Mustaphas 3 by wertperch
  77. Graveyards of the earth by Auspice
  78. The Borg, oh by dannye
  79. Sounds from the Underbrowned by IWhoSawTheFace
  80. A vignette about a toad by moeyz
  81. New socks and a Purple Frying Pan by moeyz
  82. I'm no Socrates by borgo
  83. Grundoon by wertperch
  84. Lebenslüge by Aerobe
  85. Osymyso by decoy hunches
  86. high fructose corn syrup by mauler
  87. Paying Father's Price by Pandeism Fish
  88. clitoris by Pandeism Fish
  89. He wakes up everyday, puts an empty gun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger. by Zephronias
  90. garter stitch by Tempestas
  91. Bloom's taxonomy by blahbleh
  92. Overloquaciousness by Pandeism Fish
  93. Her Smile by Sinepyriah
  94. Doctor Who Scarf by Tempestas

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