It was supposed to be special

It was. Didn't you see it?

You're an asshole

Talking with people you don't know.

You're a bitch. We've been over this before...

Fuck you.

I love you too.

Fuck you.

Saying things you don't mean.

I'm really not egotistical.


Really, I'm just...

Because you've already said the things that matter.


You are too.

And some of the things that don't.

Are you wearing socks?

I was...

What color were they?

But things were supposed to be different

Have you ever wondered, could you have been different, to somebody?


Like if you'd said something else, when you met. Or decided to not be grumpy this one day. Or.. ah, nevermind.


Guess it was a futile effort for some meaning. Sorry.

The stars are nice.

Life is weird, folks. Yes, that's the culmination of my 20 years on this spinning ball. We wander through it, sometimes seeking, sometimes just wandering. This site has helped me see that we as individuals can break past the norms of meeting people and friendships. I met almost 30 total strangers in Columbus, somewhat less in Madison. Some people I have only spoken to through IM, email, and E2.

I just talked to one for the first time over the phone. She was right... it wasn't the way it was supposed to be. But that's another weird thing about life, it doesn't really care. It doesn't care that I didn't eat lunch today. It doesn't care that I got an extra point right on my Economics test because I actually managed to stay awake today in class. It doesn't care that this was the first time that I talked to her, and we'd already said everything.

I miss my friends on #e... my school blocks IRC (which, if anyone can get me around, I would be insanely grateful). I know Karla is out there, waiting to swoon over my next appearance (don't think I didn't see that softlink!) I can't wait until my next fight with drunkenmonkey. Is this real? Is this just fantasy? I don't think life cares.

Peace, friends, morning approaches. I hope to meet you all soon. Goodnight.

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