red and white deflating balloons
left over from someone's baptism or confirmation
at the nearby church
to the alley behind the restaurant, fancy melting
ice sculptures on table cloths of
white to the floor

chandeliers and chandeliers, sparkling
hanging here and there
more, if you count the reflected ones in mirrors

busboys and waiters dressed in formal wear
as if going to a prom or wedding
starched black and white, red carnation above breast

and the butter is shaped into small hearts
and flowers, silverware glittering
perhaps for the girl turning sweet sixteen
whose hair is brown and braided
laced with baby's breath and red ribbon
her favorite colors red and white

like blood and snow
like red roses and clouds cumulonimbus
for a forgotten saint
with feet of clay
stoneware white, martyred red

Brevityquest12 (134 words)

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