My eyes have seen the glory of a million dazzling stars,

We gathered them together into jars and jars and jars.

Pierced them on branches, built a bonfire, ate the fiery treats,

Singing to Hell with veggies, dairy and even all meats.

It was hopeful; it was happy; and best of all was free.

We shared them with some strangers then we danced upon the sea.

I've never had a better dream at night or in the day,

And when the dance was over, we fell tired upon the sand.

It was warm; it was cozy, being held in God's large hand.

written to be sung to the beginning cadence of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, fourteen syllables per line

disclaimer: I am not a songwriter and this is not a poem.

BrevityQuest12 (133 words)

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