Slow beguile,
silken soften smile reveal.
swift lips bewitch,
spent style.

Flutter of batting eyelash
hearts a scatter.
Sonorous murmur,
murmur laughter's whisper.

Hair run river, flowing
curve cascading,

My mom hated her, she was everything she once was, and now loathed those who are;
Young, lithe and promiscuous with perky tits.

We met before school started-- destined-- because we shared.....

Oh, so much desire.

Time stood still for us.
As my fingertips came closer to touching the dream.

She pulls back.

I slip further in to the abyss between us.

I grew the courage to put those puissant thoughts behind me.

Time carried on by itself and so did we.

Searching the sea of faces, I found her familiar eyes smiling back at me.

A goddess in her human form,
Her eyes could cast spell of enchantment on any mere mortal.

Although, It was her smile that had melted my heart the first time we met,
This feeling replaced with wretched, listless agony.

Holding onto the old times, still trying not to let go.
I sent an invitation to her through an internet portal.
Wanting to keep her close,
Closer to touching the dream.

(Because you must Dream that your dreams come true because if you do not want your deepest desires your life might as well be through.)

We had a Strong history together but now,
Her digital bits make me feel like shit...

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